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Anna has lent her voice to popular video games for years.  She has provided the voice for numerous characters in PC game mods, available on the Nexus.  This voicing is free of charge as long as the mods are free, and a link to Anna’s Patreon is provided.  However, paid work takes precedence.  To inquire about voicing for your mod, contact Anna by

If you would like to support Anna Castiglioni’s voice work and writing, please consider Patreon or PayPal:

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Character Demo Reel

Skyrim Mods: Anna NPCs & Interesting NPCs Party Banter

Skyrim Mods: Arweden Companion – New Quest:

Skyrim Mods: Anna NPCs – Nadina Redux

Dragon Age Inquisition Theme Song:  “The Dawn Will Come” (cover with harp)

Dragon Age Voice Impressions:  Origins, 2, Inquisition

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Mods

Skyrim Mods: Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

Skyrim Arweden Companion, by ScannerLegend:

Skyrim AnnaNPCs, by Anna Castiglioni

Skyrim Book Read in-game:  Vaermina

Fallout – Mods

Fallout 4 Panser Companion, by Taryl80 (starting 2:30)

3DNPCs, by Kris Takahashi
Super-Duper Mart – Old Time radio (mother)