Rates for short narrative, non-broadcast depend on the scope of the project.
Start at $150 per 250 words (average difficulty)
Discounts are available for certain conditions, such as recurrent hiring, and paying up front.

Audiobook rates if working through ACX are as follows:
1) $200-$400 Per Finished Hour (depending on difficulty/complexity), or
2) Royalty Share (I no longer accept these), or
3) Royalty Share Plus ($150 Per Finished Hour rate + Royalty Share)

Audiobook rates for independent projects:
1) $200-$400 Per Finished Hour (depending on difficulty/complexity)
2) Based on a total Per Finished Hour estimate, increments of 25%:
– 25% down, 25% half-way through, 25% at 3/4 through, and balance due on completion of the project

Book Manuscript Proofing rates:
– $25 per 9,000 words (this equates to 1 finished hour as an audiobook)
– Books of less than 9,000 words are rounded up to $25

Please contact Anna for a quote on your project, with the words “Voiceover project” or similar, in the Subject line.  Anna@AnnaVoz.com