The Thin Wall Audiobook:
“Anna’s narration style is really interesting, very straight forward, but also riveting. I was completely sucked into the story, almost as if I were an objective listener hearing it for the first time. Her delivery is very relaxed, but I can tell that she’s good at hitting the suspenseful beats.  The other great thing about her narration is the contrast between it and the characters. Their voices really pop.  I got so caught up in it, there were times I forgot I was listening to my own story. It felt so authentic.  I found myself saying ‘wow’ at the end of chapters on multiple occasions.  I credit her narration one hundred percent.”
~ E.M. Parker (aka Joe Hardy Bell)

Diviner’s Trilogy Audiobooks:
“After getting into audio books myself, I knew I had to have my own books produced in audio. I’ve been really fortunate to work with a talented narrator, Anna Castiglioni, who worked with me to narrate the Diviner’s Trilogy. I knew as soon as I heard her read Maea’s words, she was the perfect fit. Not only does she do a great job capturing Maea’s voice but all the characters from the Diviner’s Trilogy.”
~ Nicolette Andrews

Hearts in Florence Audiobook:
“It was a pleasure to work with Anna Castiglioni on the production of my audio book Hearts in Florence. She was able to convey the emotions, and accent of the characters. She was easy to work with, keep in contact with me throughout the whole process. Most of all she was proficient for our time schedule.”
~ A.M. Willard (amwillard.com)

Interview with Matthew Laver on “A Tale of Mist and Shadow”

A Tale of Mist and Shadow Audiobook:
“When I asked Anna to step into the fog with me and produce the Audiobook for A Tale of Mist and Shadow she didn’t just step, she jumped. The talent, professional skill, training, emotion, and intensity Anna has brought to this story was incredible. It was a joy to dialogue with Anna as we discussed the characters, plot, and details of the story. Her insights, editorial eye, and heart were as sharp as the dragon’s teeth she portrayed. Our project was 26 chapters long, some of them lasting an hour each. She was patient, on time, tenacious, and excited every step of the way. Her uncanny gift for accents as well as her opera training was invaluable. She went far beyond what I thought possible for bringing my story alive. Don’t miss out on the chance to work with her if you get the opportunity. She’s someone who will give you her all, that’s worth its weight in dragon’s gold.”
~ M.R. Laver (A Tale of Mist and Shadow)

Black Jacks and A Killer for the Queen Audiobooks:
“I was so happy with Anna’s audition for my book Black Jacks, that I insisted she also read the sequel, A Killer for the Queen.  Her passion for storytelling truly shows, both in the narration, and in the fact that she truly becomes each of the characters, giving them voice and soul.  Her diversity of character voicing is vast, from grumpy old men, gravelly Arkansas twang, to sweet and innocent Midwestern girl, kick-ass bounty hunter, and despicably arrogant villains.  She is professional and has great attention to detail.  I trusted her completely, and she brought my stories to life beyond my expectations.”
~ Shaun Webb (In Motion Publishing)

Secrets In Blood Audiobook:

“Anna Castiglioni’s performance of Secrets in Blood went above and beyond my expectations. She was able to convey my characters’ emotions so well that I often found myself on the edge of my seat. Through Anna’s voice, I heard my words as if for the first time. She’s easy to work with, has excellent instincts, and added small touches here and there that took the book from wonderful to truly outstanding.”
~ Patricia D. Eddy (pdeddy.com)