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The Jakkattu Vector: Book 1 of The Jakkattu series, by P.K. Tyler
AudioJakkattuThey came as saviors to a deteriorating Earth. Julip Torne questions whether there is more to life beyond the barren dirt, acidic seas, and toxstorms her people work and die in.  Meanwhile, Jakkattu prisoner Sabaal suffers constant torture and heinous medical experiments as Mezna-priest captors seek to unlock the key to her genetic makeup.  When humans and Mezna collide, will Sabaal turn out to be the genetic vector the Mezna have been searching for all along, or will she spark the flame that sets a revolution ablaze?

From “The Audiobook Reviewer”: “Anna Castiglioni’s narration was exquisite. She really became Julip, with her sweet and sassy intonation, but also did great when portraying the rest of the characters, transmitting Sabaal’s strength, and the pain of the teks. I especially enjoyed the musicality she gave to the Jakkattu.” ~ Elena
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