Italian Romances

Roman Interlude
Ciara is about to embark on the vacation of a lifetime.  A haphazard meeting in Rome’s daVinci Airport leads her on an adventure she would have never dreamed possible.
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The Relentless Italian
audiorelentlessitalianTony Andriosi is an Italian born in Palermo, Sicily during the Nazi Occupation.  Sophie Carrieri is an Italian-American.  Will their relationship withstand living apart for four years on different continents, three mothers and the sexual revolution of the 1960’s?
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Hearts in Florence (a short novella)
Raven Bloomberg finds herself stuck in Florence, Italy during a holiday weekend, sharing the last hotel room with a dark and mysterious stranger.  Will these two souls go back to living life as they did before, or embrace the passion ignited in the opulent streets of Florence.
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