Diviner’s Trilogy

Trilogy by Nicolette Andrews

Book 1:  Diviner’s Prophecy
AudioDiviner1The prophecy foretells the rise of evil intent on ruling all the kingdoms. For generations, Maea’s family has met this foe and destroyed it before it could be unleashed. But now the power that her ancestors used to stop it in the past is lost. A sorcerer’s spell has wiped Maea of all her memories, including the prophecy that can save her kingdom.
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Book 2:  Diviner’s Curse
As Maea spirals closer to her fate, she and her companions seek shelter in a neighboring kingdom. But the conspiracy that nearly killed her has taken root there as well and in order to change her destiny Maea must make an alliance with her enemy.
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Book 3:  Diviner’s Fate
AudioDivinersFateThe prophecy has awoken and with it the rise of an ancient evil intent on destruction. The fate of the kingdoms rests on Maea’s shoulders. As she fights to avoid the final fatal confrontation, she pushes her abilities and loyalties to the limit as she makes one last desperate attempt to save the man she loves.
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