Anna Castiglioni has been narrating and producing audiobooks since 2015.  She has attended writers’ Cons and workshops, as well as trained and coached with top names in audiobooks and voiceover, including Scott Brick, Pat Fraley, Sara Sherman, and Kay Bess.  She narrates fantasy, romance, mystery, and non-fiction, but her favorites are fantasy.

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Demo: western, mystery

Demo: mystery, horror, suspense

Demo: romance

Demo: science fiction, teens, character voices, accents

Demo: non-fiction, garden design

Pat Fraley – courses in video games, audiobooks, and TV & film documentary
ACX University – online audiobook seminars
Such-A-Voice – general voiceover training

Professional home recording booth with acoustic foam
Audio-Technical 2020 microphone, HnZoom microphone, pop screen
Interfaces:  PC and Laptop
DAWs:  Audacity, Reaper, and recently added Studio One 3
Punch ‘n’ Roll recording

The Thin Wall Audiobook:
“Anna’s narration style is really interesting, very straight forward, but also riveting. I was completely sucked into the story, almost as if I were an objective listener hearing it for the first time. Her delivery is very relaxed, but I can tell that she’s good at hitting the suspenseful beats.  The other great thing about her narration is the contrast between it and the characters. Their voices really pop.  I got so caught up in it, there were times I forgot I was listening to my own story. It felt so authentic.  I found myself saying ‘wow’ at the end of chapters on multiple occasions.  I credit her narration one hundred percent.”
~ E.M. Parker (aka Joe Hardy Bell)

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