Combat Con

What a weekend!
I was in Las Vegas for Combat Con, a large convention encompassing classes in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), and classes in stage and film combat. It was amazing, information overload, exhausting, and exhilarating. I even (sort of) won the costume contest at the Ball on Saturday night, which was pretty cool, in my home-made Repunzel gown, with my little Pasqual the chameleon.
I met several of the same authors I’d met at Combat Con last year, and we chatted about books, writing, characters and such. I also attended a panel on editing fight scenes, which was very informative as far as the thinking process and creative tools and ideas that can and should be employed to edit an amazing fight.
I ended the weekend with a fabulous 4-hr long Master class in Bullwhip with Anthony de Longis and Mary de Longis. Anthony is THE GUY to learn Bullwhip from, having taught Harrison Ford and many other actors to be a baddass with the whip on screen. I also purchased their recent DVD set with all that info, plus the horse whip stuff, autographed.
Now, after spending the night at the airport and returning home to care for the animals and farm again, I must retire for the night. I’m exhausted.

About Anna Castiglioni

I am a professional voice actor, voice over artist and author. I specialize in narrating audiobooks, voice acting for video games and animations, and educational voiceover. I'm also a writer of fantasy stories, character scripts, poetry, and lyrics.
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